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Your next opportunity to buy and sell is at these major Shows:


ANDA / APTA Sydney Show  (Sydney Lower Town Hall)  -  9th & 10th October 
&  APTA / ANDA Melbourne Show  (Bayview on the Park, 52 Queens Rd) -  7th & 8th November

Show Souvenirs for the next show in Sydney


Due to the popularity of the imperf booklet and minisheet at SSE15 earlier this year and to the sell-out within hours of the World Netball Cup in Melbourne last month, APTA and ANDA are pleased to release the following items for purchase. For more details please contact

List of APTA Members with their trading details 

The list of  APTA Dealers  provides you with access to any APTA member's contact details, including
locations of their retail offices and a listing of links directing you to their Internet Trading operations. 

Forthcoming Shows & Public Auctions

     There are a few new exciting events taking place in Western Australia, Queensland and New South Wales during the remaining part of the year.  In 2016, some featured events are Canberra 2016 and Hobart 2016 Stamp Show will be highlighted as well.  For planning ahead with your collecting adventures, you can access the listing of forthcoming 2015 Events and Shows  and the listing of forthcoming   Public Auctions.

Show Souvenirs, Gift Vouchers and Certificates

For many events, APTA produces Limited Edition  APTA overprinted Show Products for sale. We recommend you join the Standing Orders List  for securing and obtaining these souvenirs as they often sell out at the show.  Just click the link, complete & post the order or call our Sales Office (0438 342 553).  Also, our Gift Vouchers are a perfect gift and are redeemable through any APTA member.  Our Warranty Certificates are ideal for assuring philatelic purchases of considerable value.  Just ask your APTA dealer for details or contact us..

Victorian Philatelic Council News
  In supporting philately, this website includes the latest edition of the VPC News: Click  here.

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It's easy joining the APTA mailing list by clicking here ( APTA Mailing List )  or the main button at the top of the homepage. You'll receive our regular monthly E-News magazine containing the latest calendar of events, details on our Show Souvenir Products and notices of selected activities and auctions. As a member, yoú will receive notifications of our main shows listing all attending dealers, as well as our the next issues of our annual Year Book for free!  There is no cost in joining the APTA Mailing List.
For your peace of mind, our membership list is not disclosed to other parties and is used exclusively by APTA only for show and email notifications, including APTA publications.

Become an APTA Member
Founded in 1948, APTA is the peak national philatelic trade association in Australia. With world-wide based members, we co-operate with member associations affiliated with the International Federation of Stamp Dealers' Associations (IFSDA) and other philatelic bodies. The Aims of APTA are to develop and maintain a high standard of business ethics, to provide benefits and services to members and to promote the hobby of philately.

APTA Membership embraces dealers, accessory manufacturers, wholesalers, publishers of philatelic literature and employees of members. Regardless of the size and type of your operation, APTA membership is an investment that will be most beneficial to you.

APTA studies local and national legislation that may be relevant to the philatelic arena. In this and other areas of influence on the trade or hobby, it not only keeps members informed, but undertakes lobbying to the relevant bodies. Members are required to observe the APTA Code of Ethics to maintain sound and responsible standards of business practice and to encourage and foster high standards of professional conduct amongst those engaged in the stamp trade. This in turn develops goodwill for APTA members throughout the philatelic community.

APTA supplies a membership certificate, lapel badge and Code of Ethics for display purposes and its logo in various forms for advertising display and use on stationery. For further details about APTA, you may send your request to PO Box 415, Blackburn, VIC, 3130. Alternatively, you may contact the APTA Administration Officer (Gabrielle Griffiths) on 0438 342 553.