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The Website contains a number of articles prepared for the novice and young collectors, as well as for the experienced and specialist collectors.

Tasmanian Stamp Revenues - by Bill Lloyd-Smith.
Bill Lloyd-Smith has studied extensively into this subject and his article provides an in-depth chronological review of that history.

Collecting Frama Stamps - by Sel Pfeffer.
Sel is a very well-respected philatelist and a booklets specialist amongst his many skills and is principal of Boonah Stamp Supplies.

How Your Dealer Can Help You - by Tony Shields.
Tony's article offers useful advice on collecting stamps. Tony is a well-known stamp dealer and National and International show participant with many years of experience and expertise. Involved with APTA for many years, having served as APTA's President with distinction for two extended terms, Tony has received numerous local and international awards.

Interest in New Listings and Varieties Grows - by Simon Dunkerley.

Myths and Other Oddities - by Simon Dunkerley.

It is with a great sadness that APTA advises of the passing of our esteemed member Simon Dunkerley. He joined APTA in 1985 and also exhibited at National level. Simon was the association's president during the years 1992-93 and has been a full time philatelic consultant for over 25 years. Simon was highly respected throughout philatelic circles world-wide and was well known for his research into specialised areas of Australian philately. Simon will be sadly missed by his fellow dealers and philatelists worldwide.

StampShow Etiquette: How to Win Friends and Influence Philatelic People - by Gary Watson.
Gary Watson is a senior and very well-respected member of the stamp trade in Australia and the director of leading auction house, Prestige Philately. He has observed show crowds and dealers from both sides of the counter and was invited by the APTA Executive to submit this article.

What Should I Collect? - by Richard Breckon.
Richard is also a well-known philatelist with many years of experience on the subject.

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