APTA - Code of Ethics

As a member of the Australasian Philatelic Traders' Association Inc., I hereby pledge to observe the following code of ethics.

  • I will promote, develop and maintain a high standard of ethics in all my business dealings.
  • I will, by deed and example, endeavour to promote mutual trust and friendship between members and the public.
  • I will refrain from dealing in stolen philatelic and counterfeit material, and give buyers of repaired, regummed, reperforated, reprinted or otherwise altered philatelic material a complete written statement showing in detail the nature of the changes and alterations in such material.
  • I will avoid misrepresentation and misleading advertising.
  • I will conduct myself so as not to bring discredit to the Association or to diminish the prestige of the membership therein.
  • I will neither buy nor sell philatelic items of which the ownership is in doubt and will promptly report to the proper law enforcement authorities information on the suspect stolen material.
  • I will immediately refund on any item sold by me where the description was either inaccurate or misleading, within a reasonable period of time after the transaction.
  • I will support and be subject to the constitution and regulations of the APTA and such amendments, resolutions and policies as may be established
  • In the event of any dispute arising between a customer and myself or with any other member of the Association, I agree to abide by any ruling in connection with such dispute as shall be given by the National Committee for the time being of the Association.