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Pittwater Philatelic Service
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Mr. John Pearson
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PO Box114.
Urunga, NSW 2455
PO Box114.
Urunga, NSW 2455
Phone:(0412) 904 295
Email: pittwaterstamps@ozemail.com.au

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Pittwater Philatelic Service

Founded by John Pearson in 1991, Pittwater Philatelic Service has expanded over the years and has now grown to become one of Australia's largest stamp dealers, exporting to over 50 countries on all six inhabited continents.

John is the Past-President of the Stamp & Coin Dealers' Association of Australasia Inc. (SCDAA) and is an Approved Valuer for the Australian Government's Cultural Gift Programme. 

Pittwater Philatelic Service buys & sells fine quality stamps of Australia, Australian Territories, Australian States, New Zealand, South Pacific Islands & the rest of the world.
Pittwater Philatelic Services is now producing 6 main mail order price lists :
1. Australia
This is a 71 page list which includes sections on Kangaroo Issues, KGV heads, Other Pre-Decimal Issues (i.e. pre-1966), Helicon Issues, Coils, Decimal Issues (i.e. 1966 to current), Koala Reprints, Year Books, Specimen Overprints, Frama Machine Labels, BCOF Issues, Postage Dues, Booklets & Panes. This list provides catalogue numbering by Australasian Stamp Catalogue (ASC), Stanley Gibbons (SG) or Scott numbering.

2. Australian Territories This is a 51 page list which includes Australian Antarctic Territory, Christmas Is., Cocos Is., Nauru, Norfolk Is., North West Pacific Is., Territory of New Guinea, Papua & Papua New Guinea (i.e. 1952 to current).This list provides catalogue numbering by Australasian Stamp Catalogue (ASC), Stanley Gibbons (SG) or Scott numbering.

3. Australian States  This is a 46 page list & is the most comprehensive list of its type in the world. It includes New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria & Western Australia. It also provides numbering using ASC, SG & Scott catalogue numbering.

4. New Zealand  This is a 46 page list which includes sections on Pre-Decimal Issues (i.e. pre-1967), Decimal Issues (i.e. 1967 to current), Health stamps & miniature sheets, Officials, Delivery Stamps, Postage Dues, Lighthouse Issues, Postal Fiscals (incl. Arms), Booklets, Ross Dependency & other Antarctic Issues & Year Books.

5.& 6. South Pacific Islands  This list has recently been split into A-K & N-Z lists which  includes Aitutaki,Cook Islands, Fiji,French Polynesia, Gilbert & Ellice Is., Gilbert Is., Kiribati in the former and New Caledonia, New Hebrides (English & French), Niue, Penrhyn,Pitcairn Is., Samoa, Solomon Is.,Tonga, Tokelau Is.,Tuvalu & Vanuatu in the latter.

Mail-out of the FREE lists may be requested.  Second & subsequent lists will be sent FREE upon request after receipt of your first order.  Individual sections of these lists may be sent free by fax or
email, but not entire lists because of their lengths.  See also the pages 7 & 8 of the Web Site for individual country lists to download.

We invite stamp want lists from any of the above areas. We also stock FDC's of Australia & New Zealand.  Once again, your want list is most welcome for these areas.  We also buy & sell pre-WWII postcards & cigarette cards - mostly Australian.

You may view our entire stock of world-wide stamps, postcards & cigarette cards at any of the shows listed on the Event Calendar page. We attend all major stamp shows throughout Australia.  Finally, we provide professional valuations for the purposes of insurance, probate or outright purchase.

Please ring John on (02) 9979-1561 for details.